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Pricing Plan

We Heve Best Price For You

Choose from a range of comprehensive car wash packages tailored to suit your preferences. Our pricing table caters to diverse needs, ensuring your vehicle receives top-notch care and a lasting, impressive shine.

sedan $30 SUV/Truck $40 Extra CAB $45

Preserve the beauty of your vehicle’s exterior with our advanced protection.

sedan $40 SUV/Truck $50 Extra CAB $55

Experience precise cleaning for both the interior and exterior of your car.

sedan $90 SUV/Truck $100 Extra CAB $110

Elevate your car with a premium wash for a next-level experience.

sedan $170 SUV/Truck $190 Extra CAB $220

Give your vehicle long-term protection and a thorough internal and external cleaning with meticulous attention to detail.

sedan $190 SUV/Truck $200 Extra CAB $210

Interior detailing is the deep cleaning and restoration of a car’s interior, ensuring all surfaces are spotless.

sedan $180 SUV/Truck $190 Extra CAB $220

Exterior detailing involves thorough cleaning, polishing, and protecting a car’s exterior surfaces, making them shine like new.

sedan $90 SUV/Truck $100 Extra CAB $110

We offer a monthly subscription for our discerning customers, providing all the benefits of our premium wash any day, all covered under a single monthly charge.


Additional services include waxing, ceramic coating, tire shining, headlight restoration, engine cleaning, and odor removal for cars.

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You can send a WhatsApp message or make a call to schedule an appointment and avoid waiting for your car wash.

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The Benefits Of Washing Your Car At OPTIMUS

Experience the advantages of washing your car at our car wash. Unleash its brilliance and pristine appeal.

Protect The Exterior

Superior exterior protection for your precious car.

Remove Road Salt

Eradicate road salt damage effortlessly. Your car deserves protection.

Safe Cleaning

Shield your car with reliable protective products.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Enhance energy efficiency and save water with us.

How it Works

OPTIMUS our process

Make a reservation, and our specialists will be eagerly waiting for you.


Make A Appoinment

You can call by phone or visit us directly at Westfield Mission Valley, located in the lower-level parking.


Wait for the process

Choose your preferred car wash package and await instructions for the estimated washing time. (times may vary)


Pay & Get Your Car

Pay for your chosen package to initiate the washing process; we'll deliver it in the best possible condition.

Mazda Optimus Carwash AfterMazda-Despues-Optimus


Frequently Asked Questions

These questions can assist you with the most common doubts about our car wash and its operation.

We are located in the underground parking area behind Target, marked with a Michaels sign. Look for us in Zone O, to the right as you enter the parking.

Don't worry. Your vehicle will only be released to the registered requester of the car wash. While you enjoy yourself, we'll park and safeguard your vehicle in our designated area.

You can find us available from Tuesday to Sunday, 11:00 am to 6:00 pm. We're closed on rainy days.

Our Map

westfield mission valley

We are located at Westfield Mission Valley in the underground parking ZONE-O. You can schedule an appointment to avoid waiting, or we can clean your vehicle while you explore the various stores.

Express Car Wash, located on the ground floor of Westfield Mission Valley in San Diego.

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Phone Number

+1 619-480-9781

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Underground Parking Zone-O 1640 Camino Del Rio N, CA 92108


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